Monday, November 7, 2011

Call me Crazy, but the Cain Campaign's Gone Coo Coo

(too much alliteration?)

I am beyond astounded by what has come out of the mouth of GOP candidate Herman Cain over the last several days – or shall I say, lack thereof. Today there’s word that a new woman will step forward and accuse Cain of sexual harassment (this is the 4th), though this woman will actually take her accusations public. Herman Cain’s diversion tactics to date can only be described as odd, defensive and downright suicidal. I shall love to see what happens next. Let’s just say today’s press conference may just be the nail in the coffin – or maybe it will be the words to come out of Cain’s mouth directly following once Cain is pressed for comment. I’m not sure what excites me more?

Seriously, where are the real campaign staff? Advisors? Communications professionals? Do they not exist on this campaign or has Cain just gone rogue?  If you haven’t caught the round table from yesterday’s #MTP, It’s worth a glimpse.

I have spent my entire career working with the media, both as a journalist and on now on the other side as one of the hundreds of communications professionals working up and down K street – and the red flags are abounding. The fact that this campaign did not set out to tell the story from day one or get the facts out ahead of the story suggests there IS something to hide – and getting defensive in front of reporters, fighting off questions with answers that came from purely internal conversations such as “We’re getting back on message” and oh here’s my favorite: “Can someone send these guys the journalist code of ethics?” is purely comical.

Sparring with reporters on national TV is never a good idea, particularly if you’re trying to run for the most important office in the world. This guy is not ready to run for President. At this rate, his next stop is SNL.

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